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About me

About Me 

Art has been an important part of my life for as long as I can remember. Whether it was painting the walls of my childhood bedroom, recreating the landscapes I explored throughout my teen years, or using artistic methods to change the way university assignments are done, artistic expression has always been my primary form of communication and connection with the people and systems around me. 

Through my artwork my goal is to not only create something visually pleasing, but also to reveal something far more meaningful to the viewer. In doing so, I aim to bring light to policy issues and fundamental principles within urbanism and human impacts. 

Since visual art often lacks verbal or written language it can be influential in its simplicity to convey ideas across classes and cultures. I see it as a profound and necessary tool of communication in everyday life. 

I want to captivate the viewer and bring them along a visual journey throughout a natural muse while drawing attention to an impactful issue. To create a dialogue between the natural environment and our modern existence while presenting the viewer an honest lens. I see my creations not only as stories but also as reflection pools, bringing attention to our habits and current ways of life. 

My plan for the future, is to continue to bring my visual thinking and passion into each experience and opportunity that comes my way. Through this, I will continue to develop my relationship with nature, and learn new visual ways of communicating its importance to the greater world.