The Grizzly Bear Project

Conservation through creation.



The Grizzly Bear Project is a collection of paintings in partnership with The Grizzly Bear Foundation where:

of all proceeds from originals

of all proceeds from prints

supports the conservation of grizzly bears in North America.

Why Bears?

The grizzly bear is a vulnerable species with a keystone role in enriching biodiverse ecosystems, as well as playing a role in our culture, communities, and our economy. Protecting grizzly bear habitat and food sources benefits an array of other species.


The Grizzly Bear Foundation


The Grizzly Bear Foundation is the only Canadian charitable organization dedicated solely to the welfare of grizzly bears (Ursus arctos).

They work collaboratively to support the conservation and preservation of grizzly bears through research and public education. They connect people with the latest research and conservation programs to improve human-bear interactions, and empower communities to become better stewards of both grizzly bears and their habitats.

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